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KWD Men's Squat Shorts - Neon Barbells

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If we could snap a screenshot of our mind we would see the barbell prominent as our focus is driven to the connection with the steel in our hands. With our new Neon Barbells squat-proof gym shorts we wanted to help capture the energy of our thoughts, flow and purpose.

Having the right gear can make or break your workout.  Squatting in the wrong shorts can be at best uncomfortable and cumbersome, with your shorts bunching or riding up. At worst, this can be downright embarrassing with a sudden blowout occurring because they can’t handle you hitting depth with a heavy load on your back. 

KWD squat-proof gym shorts have a shorter inseam and are designed to show off those quads (KWaDs) you have squatted so hard to earn.

Men's KWD Neon Barbells Squat Shorts feature:

  • Quick drying material
  • Stretchy fabric between legs for extra room
  • Large side pockets
  • Key clips on both sides
  • Drawstrings

    Important: Please view the size chart below for accurate sizing.