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Epiphyte Bar Grip Men's Tank

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An Epiphyte is a nonparasitic plant that grows on the surface of other plants. They acquire their needed moisture and nutrients from the areas around them but do not take from the plant they grow on. Similar to our journey in the gym, we all grow from one another and develop alongside largely learning from and leaning on a person more knowledgable than self but always without hurting them. Epiphytes are an essential part of our ecosystem as they help bring balance, diversity, and new life. 

Epiphyte Bar Grip Tank features:

  • High quality cotton lycra material
  • Demand Greatness design on the chest
  • Tapered fit
  • Bar Grip Premium
  • A7 hem tag

        What is A7 Bar Grip?

        A7 Bar Grip is a one-of-a-kind performance shirt with a patented silicone grip on the back that is designed to help with slippery commercial benches and bars. The grip helps you stick to the bench during bench press and anchors the barbell to your back when squatting. Bar Grip is the ultimate training shirt for powerlifting, strongman and weightlifting workouts.