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Dog Toy - Loopo

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If you are a dog lover, playing with your dog is an important part of building a connection with your best friend! 

The ball is made from natural rubber, which is non-toxic and very durable. Natural rubber is a raw material produced from latex, an organic substance extracted from the sap of various species of trees. The string is made from durable nylon rope with end coverings. 

Our Loopo dog toy is great as a chew toy and helps promote dog's gum health through chewing. You can fill the holes with peanut butter or a bully stick - it is a great way to keep your pup entertained. The ball bounces very well and is amazing for underhand throwing (so you do not strain your shoulder) and fetching with your dog.

A7 Dog Toy Loopo features: 

  • Green and blue colorway
  • Made from durable natural rubber and nylon rope with end coverings
  • Designed for underhand throw for easy fetch play
  • A7 logo stamped on one side and paw print on the other side 
  • Ball has grooves for better grip
  • Can be filled with peanut butter or a bully stick

Please understand that no dog toy is indestructible. Please supervise your dog's use of the toy and discard if damage becomes apparent.