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Hangul Women's Bar Grip Shirt

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Korean alphabet has 14 consonants which are shown on the front of the shirt:


The back design combined the original hexagons, the Korean tiger and "I love you" and "A7" in Korean.

ㅅㄹㅎㅇ are consonants  of 사랑해요 which means I love you.
ㅇㅇㅅㅂ are consonants  of 에이세븐 which means A7.

This design was created in collaboration with A7 Korea.


Hangul Bar Grip Shirt features:

  • High quality cotton lycra material
  • Korean Alphabet design on the front
  • Tapered fit
  • A7 logo on the right sleeve
  • Bar Grip Premium with Korean alphabet and tigers
  • A7 hem tag

What is A7 Bar Grip?

A7 Bar Grip is a one-of-a-kind performance shirt with a patented silicone grip on the back that is designed to help with slippery commercial benches and bars. The grip helps you stick to the bench during bench press and anchors the barbell to your back when squatting. Bar Grip is the ultimate training shirt for powerlifting, strongman and weightlifting workouts.