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Demand Greatness Women's Crop - Stealth

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This Stealth colorway was created to mute out the logos and keep contrast at a minimum. A colorway that lets your performance and dedication remain the focus while still providing the level of quality, support and comfort you demand from your products.

The crop is super comfy to wear under the singlet, so you do not have to tuck it in! This crop is approved for use in the USAPL, USPA, IPL and most major federations.

Demand Greatness Stealth Crop features:

  • High quality material
  • Fabric composition: 95% cotton / 5% spandex (does not exceed 25% spandex limit allowed in USPA)
  • Demand Greatness design on the upper chest
  • A7 Logo design on the upper back
  • A7 logo on both sleeves
  • Tapered fit